A well-designed and well-constructed wooden fence can add value to your home, increasing its resale potential if you decide to sell it in the future. The type of wood you choose for your fence is important because different species of trees have different lifespans, and some types of wood are more durable than others. The longevity of your fence also depends on how you maintain it. Moisture is the biggest factor in reducing the life of your wooden fence, so you want to make sure that your yard has proper drainage and that the soil at the base of each post is firmly packed to keep moisture out. You should also remove any moss, mildew or debris from your fence every two to three years. Staining your wood fence is a good way to prevent moisture damage and preserve the beauty of the grain, but it’s important to consider your budget before choosing this option. Paint is less costly than stain, but it shows wear much more readily and will need to be replaced more often than a properly stained fence.

If you’re considering a slatted wood fence, some hardwoods like Ipe and Mangaris are an excellent choice for their durability. These dense and heavy woods are more expensive than softwoods, but they will last for decades and look great in the process. However, these high-end woods are often harvested from rainforests and can be vulnerable to over-logging, so it’s best to get them from the best fence company Milwaukee, WI.

Cedar, cypress and Redwood are all good choices for wood fencing because they’re both insect-resistant and naturally weather-proof. These woods are also available in treated varieties, which can extend their lifespan significantly. Cedar, in particular, can last up to 40 years when treated.

Pine and spruce are also suitable for wood fences, although they don’t last as long as cedar. They’re affordable and will still provide a beautiful, secure barrier for your property. However, these softwoods are more susceptible to moisture damage than other kinds of wood, so be sure to treat them or use a water-resistant stain when choosing this material.

Wood fences are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your property and preferences. Rectangular-shaped fences are a classic choice because they’re inexpensive and offer full privacy, but you can also give your home a more modern appearance with horizontal wooden slats that cover the posts of the fence. You can leave a wide space between the slats or close them together to create your preferred look.

Wood fences are a popular choice for homeowners because they’re attractive and cost-effective. They can last for decades if you properly care for them and treat them with water-resistant stains or paint. Staining them will also protect them from moisture and prevent rot. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a wooden fence, contact us today.